191 Unlimited Boy’s Shirts – Totally Different!

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The Montreaux from 191 Unlimited - probably the coolest shirt my son's ever had.

I have a son.  He’s darling and perfect of course, and I love seeing him all spiffed up in a fresh haircut and dapper little clothing.  One big problem I have as a mom of a boy?  Dapper little clothing!  When we go clothes shopping for our boy, I see racks and racks of beautiful clothes for girls.  The same store that may have 10 racks of toddler girl clothing will often have 3 or 4 racks of boy clothes!  And how often I pick through drab browns and camo or t-shirts with plastic applique cartoon characters.  Not for my little man, no sir.  Those things are just fine when I send him to the back yard to romp with the dogs, but for nice occasions I’d like him to look as dressed up as his mommy and daddy. 191 Unlimited to the rescue.

Christmas had me at a loss for my son’s outfit for an evening at Grandma’s, but the day before I received an exquisitely designed 191 Unlimited shirt.  A button-down Montreaux (as pictured above) with lots of detail, and durable construction, meant he was able to race around the holiday festivities in style.  And since it’s so well constructed, I’m sure the shirt will get us through spring or until his arms sprout another shocking inch or two overnight.  100% cotton, 100% dapper, 100% kid tough.  Finally.

191 Unlimited offers boys’ sizes 2T through XL (18 – 20).  They also sell some very cool men’s attire.

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