Biggest Beef Recall Ever – What do YOU Think?

895405_no_bull.jpgI imagine you’ve been following all the media attention given to the beef industry these days, regarding the recent massive meat recalls. So I’ve decided to let YOU write the post today.

How do you feel about it?

If you eat meat in your family, has it changed your cooking plans?

If your kids are old enough to understand what’s happening, what are they saying about it all?

Go ahead, the Comment section is all yours – write as little or as much as you’d like because I really want to know.

6 thoughts on “Biggest Beef Recall Ever – What do YOU Think?

  1. Each year, hundreds of people die falling in their bathtubs. Hundreds die while crossing the
    street. Thousands die while driving. Hundreds die by choking on a pickle. Well, maybe the last
    one is inaccurate. When it is reported that one or two people in a country of 250,000,000
    people die from contaminated meat, well, I guess I won’t sleep tonight. Our food supply is no
    doubt the best and safest in the world. China causes more contamination in our food than any
    other country. Dog food, cat food, lead in toys, etc. etc. I love healthy foods. But don’t throw
    the baby out with the wash. How about them apples! I might not even wash it off before I eat
    it!! Love you! Redstang289

  2. Well, Mikie, you are a perfect candidate for Soylent Green.
    You floored me with the “Our food is the best and safest …”
    If I were you, I’d be watching the pickle.

    As far as the beef…something is rotten in Denmark. And it’s not the Allah cartoons.
    We’ll be hearing some more on this, I’m sure. Caution should be exercised.

  3. this is where I have to say “wow, there’s been a recall?”

    I’m so out of it.

    However, what meat we buy, we buy organic blah blah blah because I don’t want any more garbage in my body then (than?) is already there.

  4. i’m afraid that i haven’t paid attention to the news in the past week or two. i’ve been preoccupied and feel foolish to not know about this. thanks for linking the articles so that i could read up quickly.
    although it sounds like this particular recall is unlikely to result in anyone being sick, it is of concern that such things are going on. how are we supposed to trust our food, even if it is labeled organic, free range, etc, if the people in charge of inspecting the food aren’t doing their jobs? it’s enough to make me want to start raising cows, rather than give up beef. i wonder if our neighbors would turn us in?:)

  5. I am a tad confused…I subscribed to your book blob and got this too! wow…double blessing!

    anyway, about the meat. It is terrible. My husband and I made the decision to be vegetarians about 6 months ago, and situations like this really prove that (for us) we made the right choice. (actually my husband wanted to do it more for health reasons).

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