75 Exceptional Herbs for Your Garden by Jack Staub

Fresh off the presses, 75 Exceptional Herbs For Your Gardenis a beautifully fascinating book for gardener and herb lover alike.  Written with a nostalgic flair, Jack Staub’s latest book looks as though you could have just found it treasure hunting in an antique shop.  Gorgeous herb illustrations by Ellen Buchert, fonts, and a turn-of-the-century cover all make the experience of flipping through the pages and perusing the herb information a real pleasure.  

Jack Staub is a true horticulturist and an award-winning garden designer.  He, along with Renny Reynolds, owns and operates Hortulus Farms, a 100-acre garden, woodland, and nursery in Pennsylvania.  (How to explain its beauty?  You must visit the Hortulus Farms website!) While Staub says his knowledge of herbs has been mostly culinary, 75 Exceptional Herbs For Your Gardenfocuses on the history, folklore, and common medicinal uses alongside the culinary.  Anyone already dreaming about what they’ll be planting in their garden come spring will certainly be inspired to add an herb section after perusing this most beautiful of keepsake volumes!

6 thoughts on “75 Exceptional Herbs for Your Garden by Jack Staub

  1. We are considering making a garden next year with herbs and vegetables. The prices of tomatoes and fresh herbs are outrageous. I will check this book out.

  2. This book is a must for every home gardener. It is not only informative but it also gets the appetite juices flowing.

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