$75 Gift Certificate to 1-800-FLOWERS

While we’re in the midst of Vegetarian Cookbook Week, let’s take a break for a Mother’s Day giveaway.  I received an early Mother’s Day gift delivered to me from the people at 1-800-FLOWERS.  A beautiful bouquet of a dozen brightly colored roses arrived on my doorstep, along with a copy of Jim McCann’s new book Celebrating Mom.  Why all the fuss?  I’ve never read anyone at 1-800-FLOWERS a bedtime story, never wiped their tears or made them their favorite muffins.  But as it turns out, they’ve been busy recognizing several mommies who do all those things for their kids while keeping a blog.

I was chosen as a Green Thumb Mommy, and they kindly talked about dkM on their own blog.  As part of the recognition, they said I could offer up a $75 gift certificate and a copy of Celebrating Mom to one of you!  So if you’d lke to win for yourself or for your own mother, enter below.  We’ll get a winner selected by Monday, April 3, so you have time to shop before Mother’s Day!

Multiple Options for Multiple Entries:

1.) Just tell me one valuable lesson your mother taught you, and how it’s helped you. (***You may enter once a day, but please list a new item you like each time.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

2.) Blog about, Twitter, Subscribe and/or Become a Fan on Facebook! Get an extra entry for each of these activities.  This time just leave a separate comment for each (only one time for each extra activity completed), giving me a link to your blog post, your Twitter name, and/or a note saying you’re an FB Fan and/or subscriber.  SUBSCRIBE HERE!

(Psst!  My Twitter name is dkMommy.)

Full Rules for Sweepstakes at dkMommy Spot

Feel free to do all five to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Monday, May 3, 2010, to enter.

333 thoughts on “$75 Gift Certificate to 1-800-FLOWERS

  1. My mom taught me that my siblings may love me but they don’t automatically have to like me. She said to treat them better than I treat my friends. Family is forever. Consequently, now that we’re all grown up we are a very close family and consider each other our best friends!

    What a wise, wise mom!

  2. my mother taught me how to be financially responsible and it has shown me that bills become first before any luxuries..now i just have to teach my hubby..lol

  3. “If you can do nothing, you can always clean” To me it means if your frustrated with a situation you cant control, do something else to keep from over thinking the situation and stay productive. It has served me well.

  4. My mom taught me how to Love & Cherish my children…because the younger years pass by sooooo quick!

  5. She taught me to work hard and that nothing is ever handed to you. This gave me a wonderful work ethic.

  6. My mom taught me not to care so much about what other people think. It has helped me by allowing me to be more myself.

  7. my mom always told me to work hard and show interest in my work and it would make it more enjoyable.

  8. After having kids she told me to sleep when you’re not sleepy and eat when you’re not hungry.

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  11. She told me when you have kids you have to eat when you’re not hungry and sleep when you’re not sleepy.

  12. My mom taught me not to care so much about what other people think. It has helped me by allowing me to be more myself.

  13. One valuable lesson my mother taught me is the value of hard work. It’s helped me overcome obstacles I’ve encountered.

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