A $3,378.50 Tutu??? Thank the CPSIA!

If you’ve been following the news, blogs, and independent toy stores across the internet lately, then you know all about the CPSIA’s laws soon to come into play starting February 10 that will require all mom and pop toy stores to submit their items for safety testing at exorbitant prices.  Several Etsy owners have set up a fabulous visual for us to all grasp the concept of these testing prices.  Yes, it’s the big CPSIA Sale at Etsy (you must see this!) Take, for instance, Etsy shop Trinity’s Tutus.  Owner Leslie has provided her shoppers with a wonderful little girl’s tutu which includes the costs she will have to absorb in order to legally sell this very tutu in her shop.  Thus, the tutu’s price has gone from $18.50 to the new and improved price of $3,378.50.  But no fear – you will receive the proof of testing from the CPSIA stating this all-natural tutu is indeed lead free.

Other Etsy shops are jumping on this pricey bandwagon and if you want your bib, burper, and blanket set for a mere $4,620 you’d better get shopping!  At prices like this, these etsy shops won’t last long…

(Which reminds me – have you signed the petition?)

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  1. This makes me laugh, darkly though. I’m glad to see that this issue made it to the top 10 topics on the Change.org list. Hopefully President Obama (wow, the first time I wrote that!) will repeal or modify this act.

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