A Few Natural Beauty Treatments for Relaxing Mom

It’s been a hard day. Soccer practice, cupcakes for the bake sale, your toddler spilled the whole box of cereal on the kitchen floor – and then added milk. Now is not the time for a nervous breakdown, oh no. (Incidentally, see my post on teas for stressed out moms.) Now is the time for some serious pampering. Do for yourself what you do for others all day. Here are a few ways to lock yourself in the bathroom for your own natural spa treatment.

Skin Treatment: Mix an egg yolk and 1 Tbs. glycerine. Apply to your face and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing off.

Hair Care: Mash up an avocado really well. Massage it into your hair and leave it in for 5 minutes. Rinse it out.

Relieve the Tension: Place 1 tsp. lavender flowers in a cup and pour in boiling water. Cover the cup and let it steep for 15 minutes. This is also great for exhaustion.

Now put up your feet and read a good book. You’ve earned it!

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