A Great Spot for Vegetarian Recipes

3950999141_0e61897feaI’m still under the weather, so while I make what seems to me to be a “too-slow” recovery, my husband and I have been trying to find quick, easy, and (most importantly) healthy recipes.  My husband has become quite a champ in the kitchen, taking over the cooking duties while I stay on the sidelines waiting to get back to speed.  We have quite an array of cookbooks, but one of my favorite resources for healthy vegetarian fare has become VegWeb.com.  Like many of the recipe search sites out there, I can search by category, find the latest additions, peruse photos etc.  But with this site, I have a better chance of finding something that fits our family’s “mostly vegetarian” lifestyle.

Of course if you’ve been a vegetarian for any length of time, then you know you still need to watch out for unhealthy ingredients.  I always try to find the ones without any canned or processed foods, low in sugar and salt, etc.  But since the site has 13,000 recipes, I normally manage to find something that fits our needs and wants for a particular day.  And as is my habit, I alter about every recipe I touch, but I suppose that’s what makes cooking fun for me.  

I’m always looking for more healthy and vegetarian recipe sites, so if you know of any, please share!  I’d love to have some more great resources.  And until I get myself back in the kitchen, I have a feeling my  husband would love to hear your favorite recipe spots too!

5 thoughts on “A Great Spot for Vegetarian Recipes

  1. They’re books, but I’m addicted to the Veganomicon. Also the Healthy Hedonist, which is flextarian. I have yet to make anything from either book that isn’t fantastic.

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