A Little Ambiance

Notice something different?  If your speakers are on right now, you are probably hearing the sounds of the rainforest.  I’ve wanted to tinker with this for awhile now but I wasn’t sure if I should or not.  Call this a trial–who knows, I may remove it tomorrow after getting whollopped with email stating your cat goes nuts by the bird sounds or your computer doesn’t like the extra load.  Or maybe you enjoy hearing the soothing sounds of nature while you read about herbs.  I’d love to find out!  

I don’t always go for music on a site, but there are a few exceptions.  For instance, Jane Marie at Thyme for Herbs and An Herbal Bedfellow (did someone say herbs?) has such lovely music playing on hers that sometimes I visit just to work to her selection.  And I could visit Save Your World and Rare2B all day just to listen to their nature sounds.  So I guess we’ll call this an experiment.  If nothing else, I’ll be writing more soothing, calming blog posts as I drift away to the rainforest…

In the meantime, if you want to change to another ambient flow while perusing dkMommy Spot, or if you’d like to turn the sound off completely so your cat stops searching for birds in your living room, scroll down and check out that purple box on the left.

2 thoughts on “A Little Ambiance

  1. This is nice; very soothing and appropriate for your site. I dislike being bombarded with loud obtrusive music but sounds of the rainforest? I like it!

    I vote yes for the enhancement.

    mannequins last blog post..The Apron Queen

  2. I like it! I much prefer the sounds of nature over the loud music on some of the sites. Very relaxing, very nice.

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