A Little Christmas Music

If you’ve been bouncing around the blogosphere much these days, you’ve probably heard about the Michael W. Smith CD giveaway they had last week.  I got my copy in the mail yesterday, and I played it while doing a little decorating.  The first thing I do every year for Christmas preparations is to get out my Christmas breakables.  Okay, so I can’t put out much of it this year due to one toddling guy with a penchant for just-out-of-reach no-no’s, but at least I was able to bring out a little holiday niceness.  Anyway, the CD really was a lovely soundtrack for my activities.   I am an old-school Michael W. Smith fan; been with him since the (gasp) ’80s when he was known for his beard and his new-fangled Christian rock.   Yes, way back when people still asked, “What the heck is Christian rock?”  I gotta say, this CD didn’t disappoint me at all.   It’s got that feel-good quality that Smith always gave me as a teen needing an emotional boost.Most of the time, I have to hear a new Christmas CD several times before it feels like my own; new Christmas music doesn’t feel like Christmas to me at first!   But this one sure does.  If you want to hear a few more samples, you can hop on over to this site where there are a few songs online.  Christmas Angels must be my favorite because I keep humming it!  (My little guy loves the bells.)