A Little Info on Making Money Blogging

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This isn’t something I usually talk about, but I know at least half of you are bloggers too.  Most of us put up a few ads here and there, whether they’re directly from a company we enjoy supporting or it’s a simple AdSense ad.  I’ve tried a few different ad suppliers, and I’ve been using a new one recently that I really like.  It’s called Logical Media.  

It’s pretty straightforward, really – you pick what ads you’d like to display, whether text or image, and you plunk them where you want them.  (I added one at the bottom of this post for you to see.)  Some pay you every time they’re clicked, others ask that the ad clicker sign up or purchase before payment.  What I’ve liked about it is the ability to choose who I advertise, something I find very important.  I don’t have to worry about some random ad for an over-the-counter kid’s medicine showing up, when you all know I share the natural route every chance I get!  They have several green, eco-friendly advertisers, so of course I like to choose those.

If you want to sign up too, you can click this link for Logical Media.  They’re very helpful – I even talked to someone on the phone there, so I feel pretty comfortable recommending them to you.  If you sign up, please let them know dkMommy Spot sent you.

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9 thoughts on “A Little Info on Making Money Blogging

  1. I didn’t know you could make money blogging. WOW I have learned so much off your site. I’m now thinking about blogging myself.
    Thanks again. I hope you keep sharing your info.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Yes, I got an EIN number. It was very simple, really. You can call a 1-800 number and get it over the phone. You literally “fill out” the form by telling them all your information. They then tell you the number over the phone, then you can use it right away. It takes less than 10 minutes and there’s no charge for the service. I never wanted to use my SSN either, and since I’ve been doing more and more with dkMommy Spot, I decided a little while ago to take the steps to become more official. I looked the number up in case you want to call: 1-800/829-4933. I’d definitely recommend it if you plan on making any money from blogging anyway. It’s safer to separate it all from your personal stuff.

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  3. Making money with blogging is not that easy. I started my website, fortunately got a pagerank of 2 within a month. But still tryin to build traffic. It needs hard work and lots and lots of patience.

  4. Making money on blogs is exciting and opens a whole oppurtunity in making money at home. I do make money on may 5 blogs about health and medicine.

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