A Natural Hair Loss & Growth Remedy

rosemaryToday I’ll share the remedy I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s posting: a natural remedy for hair loss and hair growth.  I’ve known of this remedy for quite sometime, but it really proved itself to me during my experiments as a no ‘poo person. (And for the record, I’m still no ‘poo, going on 6 months now!)  The magic remedy is really a two-fold process as I’ve learned:  rosemary oil and good old scalp scrubbing.

I’ve always been a shedder; been losing hair all over every house I’ve ever lived in.  It gets everywhere, and although during spring and fall it reaches ghastly proportions, I still seem to have too much hair.  I suppose that part is in my genes, but for many men and women, losing their hair is a lot more devastating.  Rosemary is considered a rubefacient, which means it brings blood to the surface.  It stimulates circulation.  Circulation not only helps keep your hair on your head, it helps to grow it as well. 

In the beginning months of going no ‘poo, some of you may remember that I noticed I had to cut my bangs almost weekly.  I was scrubbing a lot harder because going without shampoo made me nervous in the beginning, what with the awkward adjustment period hair goes through when weaning off the ‘poo.  And I also found that rosemary oil helped balance the oils on my scalp, along with totally eliminating any dandruff or dry itchy skin. Now I use a few drops (about 5 – 7) in the palm of my hand, and massage it into my scalp in the evenings, using my fingertips and even gently scratching with my nails to work it in.  This always results in less hair in the shower drain next day, and if I keep it up, it gets progressively better.  It speeds up my growth as well, but I don’t mind now.  It beats shedding a trail of hair everywhere I go!

Best part is, my scalp is healthier and my hair is shinier.  With the rosemary oil used in the evenings (along with having ditched the ‘poo 6 months ago), my hair stays cleaner longer.  Rosemary is a wonderment for hair care; next time I’ll share my rosemary rinse secret for extra curls!  My new favorite remedy.

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  2. You say you use the rosemary oil in the evenings which results in less hair in the shower drain the next day. If you use it in the evening and do not use shampoo what do you use in the morning to cleanse your hair?

  3. Hi Cindy! I usually use baking soda on my scalp, followed by a rinse of cider vinegar and water. If you plan on trying that out, you can check out my No ‘Poo category to see the articles there. But you can certainly do the rosemary treatment if you’re a shampoo user. Just wash your hair as usual in the morning.

  4. I have been shampoo free for a bit over a month now, and don’t want to go back! Thanks for the inspiration!
    As for the rosemary oil, I am going to try it. I know the smell is good for my brain too, so why not? Also-are you rinsing out the cider/water mix? Do are you leaving it in? I rinse mine out after it sits on my head for a minute or two, but am not sure if that’s correct.

    Thanks! Great website-keep up the good work.

  5. I have been using Rosemary for a few years and love it! I am shedder too. It all started when my mom had 2 surgeries just a couple months apart. Anesthesia is bad on hair, some even say it takes up to a year for it to fully be out of the system. (probably longer!)

    So my mom was losing so much hair, and starting to worry, so I made her a little bottle, mixed with avocado oil, and it worked, she used it at night, and noticed the difference right away.

    And I use it for my scalp. hate dandruff!
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  6. I want to give this a go. I was reading that the sodium lauryl sulfate/one that sounds similar to that in shampoos is what causes the shedding. I wanted to off the shampoo cleansers, but I may forgo shampoo altogether. Do you make your own rosemary oil?
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  7. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the reply. I also read that someone was concerned about using vinegar because their hairdresser said it would wash the color out of their hair. Is this true?

  8. Beth, it’s true about the rosemary being good for the brain as you said! Very uplifting scent, yet relaxing. For the cider vinegar, I used to rinse that out but now I just leave it in. If I use just a few tablespoons in a large mug of water, there’s no vinegar scent left behind. But if you’re leaving it in a few minutes before rinsing, you’re probably okay too. The point is to let the vinegar kind of balance out that baking soda. Ever skip the vinegar part and just wash with soda? Egads! I’ll never do that again.

    Karissa, cool idea mixing it with avocado oil! That would be pretty soothing for irritated scalps too, I can imagine. Glad to hear I’m not the only shedder!

    Lori, I really believe those sodium lauryl sulfates cause the shedding too. After “accidentally” being shampooed at the salon a couple of months ago, I lost hair in very large and scary amounts for about a week. One shampoo! My hair was used to a lack of chemicals, I suppose. Shampoo straightens hair too, so for me that’s not a good thing. And no, I don’t make my own rosemary oil. I’d love to someday though! Perhaps when I have more land for growing more herbs…

    Hope the remedy works well for you, etirv!
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  9. I looked on all the no poo categories and the comments and still just need you to answer my question about if the vinegar strips the hair color out of your hair when you color it.

  10. Sorry about that, Cindy! I missed that one – yes, it will strip out the color to some degree. If you’re darkening your hair with color, it will lighten it faster; if you are lightening your hair and then use a cider vinegar rinse, you’ll get red tones. (Same applies for natural blondes and light browns.) I’ve used it after coloring my hair, and I noticed I lost the intensity faster. Now I’m experimenting with natural hair dyes, so if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear ’em! Henna is great, but what a mess!
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  11. Can we see before (when you used shampoo) hair pics and after (no poo) hair pics? Your hair sounds so luxurious that I am wanting to try this so bad, but am a little leery. Thanks!

  12. just stumbled onto your site doing research on natural ways to do personal hygiene routines. Certainly people 100 years ago didn’t walk around stinkin’ all the time – how romantic would that be, and they typically had a lot o’ kids – So how did they get by without all our modern chemical concoctions? Anyway, I have quickly discovered I am quite a novice, and am grateful for the info I have found here. I have been losing my hair since I hit puberty and it is now quite thin and fine, and not nearly as curly as it used to be. I am afraid I will be bald in the next 5 years, no lie. I want to try this ‘no poo’ thing, but I am wary, apparently you were at first also. Here is my main question: I was going to try the baking soda for tooth paste thing, but my dentist says it removes the enamel from your teeth and is detrimental over a period of time. What about hair? The stylist who cuts my hair says vinegar and baking soda are too harsh to put on the hair and that the chemicals in shampoo are tightly regulated because obviously anything you put on your skin directly affects your central nervous system, so they are much better than putting harsh home remedies on your hair. So do you have any data on this? And, closely related to that question is this, the rosemary oil, or lavender or avacado or coconut, are these just like cooking oils one can obtain at a store or are they essential oils? If essential oils do you have to mix with something else? I looked at some rosemary essential oil at a health food store and it said you shouldn’t put it directly on your skin but needed a carrier oil? Help please! Thanks.

  13. Hi RG! Yes, I was pretty skeptical at first, but I’ve found quite the opposite to be true when it comes to baking soda and vinegar – it’s not harsh at all. Few hair stylists have probably done a lot of research into the ingredients in shampoo and hair products. For instance, many hair dye ingredients have been linked to brain cancer. Parabens (found in most shampoo, lotion, and skin care products) are found in breast cancer tumors, and numerous other chemicals lurk in our products every day, products that we’re told have “stringent” testing done before used on humans. Many companies would quickly go out of business if we knew more about the ingredients. To learn more, you can check out books like “Exposed” by Mark Schapiro, for instance. With the baking soda and vinegar, they’re very basic ingredients and quite safe. The amount of baking soda used varies per person, and the longer you’re no ‘poo the less you end up needing, in my experience. I use about 2 Tbs. which I scrub onto my scalp. You’ll probably need less if you have short hair. Once I’ve scrubbed it in, I rinse it out and then do a final rinse with about 2 – 3 Tbs. cider vinegar mixed with a cup of water. I dump that on, massage it in, and towel dry. If you try this and your hair seems too dry, try less baking soda, perhaps more vinegar. For hair that feels too oily, try a little less vinegar. For the rosemary oil, it is essential oil. You may mix it with a little avocado oil (like for cooking) if you think the straight rosemary oil is too strong. Yes, a lot of essential oils will tell you not to use it straight – for some people, it can be irritating, but for me a few drops of rosemary has been fine without a carrier oil. Hope that helps answer some of your questions!

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  16. I am happy to say I have been shampoo free for several months and will not go back….ever. I found out about the No ‘Poo, Apple Cider rinse and Rosemary for hair loss right here at dkMommy. My hair shedding slowed down to a minimum almost immediately, after about a month it stopped and now I can see the top of my hair is beginning to fill in. I was literally going bald prior to this to where the top of my head had a lot of shiny areas showing. Not so anymore, I am pleased to report.

    This is what I do every other day:
    Wet my hair and wash with dry baking soda, adding just enough water to disperse it around then rinse. It rinses out very easy.
    I then pour over my hair a 16oz size plastic container of 2T of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar/water mix and do not rinse it out.
    I then finish by pouring over and rubbing in about a cup of Rosemary Tea and do not rinse out.

    I make my Rosemary Tea about once every two weeks and store in a gallon milk container. I do make it rather strong by bringing the water to a boil and then letting the tea simmer for about an hour. I keep the baking soda in an air tight container on the side of the tub.

    Not only did this stop the hair loss but my hair is clean, shiny and much more manageable than ever.

    It take a week or two for my hair to adjust (it was too soft) but once it did, I could not be happier.

    Thank you so much dkMommy

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