A Podcast Interview with Herbal Ed


Many times on this site I’ve written about Herb Pharm and Herbal Ed.  I’ve given away their Super Echinacea, I’ve talked about the Herbal Ed podcasts, and I’ve recommended their products many times when readers have written asking what they should use.  So I’m very enthusiastic about the latest dkMommy Spot podcast with Herbal Ed himself.  I recently spoke to Ed Smith who was in Thailand at the time of the call.  I guarantee you’ll learn something valuable from listening to this podcast, so get out a pen and a paper.  You’re gonna want it handy!


Herb Pharm

5 thoughts on “A Podcast Interview with Herbal Ed

  1. Wow, this is really good information! I love using herbs for my kids, but I don’t always know what to give them, so I usually just stick with things like chamomile. Good to know it’s so safe and that there are others to use too. I want to try that echinacea extract. Thanks!

  2. This was very informative, even for those of us without small children at home. I was thrilled to know that I grew almost all of the herbs that Herbal Ed mentioned in my own garden already. I have never heard of copsis but wish I had known of it 30 years ago. It was also a surprise to me that Johnny Jump-Ups are edible and had herbal properties.
    Thanks fo a great podcast, Diane!

    Jane Maries last blog post..Is Anyone Out There?

  3. Hi, I have an infant she’s 6months old. She has a cough and shes very congested. I wanted to know if there is anything i can do to help her thru this.

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