A Simple Natural Remedy for Wounds

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Whether you cut yourself chopping vegetables or your child fell off his bike and banged up a knee, it’s good practice to know what to do in the event of a not-so-serious wound.  (This can be done for the more serious wound as well, but probably only until you get to a doctor!)

During the Civil War, powdered sugar was a common and effective treatment for wounds because of its ability to speed up the healing process.  Place powdered sugar on the wound and cover with a bandage.  Whenever you change the bandage (dot it regularly – it will quicken healing), also clean the wound and apply more powdered sugar.

This simple treatment is a great one to remember.  When you’re in a hurry to treat a wound, powdered sugar is often on hand.  Not a sugar person?  You may want to grab a small box just for this purpose.  I’ll share more natural remedies for wounds soon, so check back.  Also try the Remedies category here at dkMommy Spot to learn more simple do-it-yourself natural remedies!

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