A Simple Remedy to Get Rid of Houseflies

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I don’t remember a summertime without the sight of my mother yielding her flyswatter.  She took (and still does take) special pleasure out of whacking the heck out of any fly that dared cross our threshold.  I’m not sure if given the chance she’d use this remedy – maybe at first, but in the end the flyswatter will probably win out.  My mother without the sheer glee of flywhacking?  Oh what would summer be then?  For the rest of us, I propose this simple remedy to keep the houseflies at bay.

Take several small mesh bags, such as the types used for sachets.  If you’re crafty, you can make your own little bags.  Or purchase reusable cloth tea bags or cheesecloth.  Fill each with a blend of a few of the following dried herbs:  Bay leaves, chamomile, basil, crushed cloves, pennyroyal, eucalyptus, mint leaves.  Tie up the little bags at any doors and windows that tend to get opened during warm weather.  Every now and then, to freshen the bags, give them a little squeeze when you walk by.  Alternately, you may put a few drops of essential oils of any of the previously mentioned dried herbs to give a boost when the herbs start to lose their scent.

You may notice after using these little bug repelling sachets that flies aren’t the only bugs missing from your home’s interior!  Many other bugs don’t care for these fragrances either.  Another big help: If a spider happens to find her way into your windowsill and builds her home there, let her stay.  Her bug eating prowess will beat out even my mother’s talents with her trusty flyswatter!

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  5. Thanks for the useful information. Our place, especially during summer when a lot of trees are in bloom, are swarmed with flies.

    I’ll try doing these tips. Thanks!

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