A Squirrel Update…

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the dkM resident baby squirrel.  He’s still here in our living room, and he’s hanging in there.  The photo you see here is of him, asleep in my husband’s hand after receiving his afternoon milk in an eyedropper.  His eyes opened for the first time Wednesday, so that was a real treat. I’ll have to take some photos of him awake, but then, he’s rarely awake!

We thought we’d lost him for sure late yesterday afternoon – his paw, which we thought was almost completely healed, suddenly started to swell.  We’re beginning to suspect the local sharp shinned hawk ransacked the nest and perhaps dropped our little guy on the sidewalk. (I’ve seen the hawk attack more than one nest over the years.)  The squirrel’s paw appears to have puncture wounds, which I’d say look pretty hawkish to me.  So last night we were scrambling to find someone to help us, and since our intent was to call the local nature center, I looked into it. But they no longer do wildlife rescue.  Between them and two vet offices, we received the same phone number for a local couple who seem to be the go-to people for wildlife rescue.  But since it’s spring, they’re most likely overwhelmed and we haven’t heard back yet.

Here’s the amazing thing: I decided to treat the squirrel with herbs, and so last night I started sneaking echinacea tincture into his milk dropper.  Within about 2 – 3 hours, he went from completely lethargic with a swelled paw to perky and strong with a paw that looks noticeably better.  This morning he went back into a bit of a slump, so I’m keeping him on the echinacea. Again, after some echinacea he’s regained strength. And for the most part, he sleeps the day away as any squirrel tends to do. (I discovered adult squirrels are only awake a few hours a day! What a life!)

Echinacea always gets all the press for being a cold and flu reducer, but one of its real strengths is as an infection fighter.  That and snake bites, but I don’t plan on finding an excuse to test that one.  When in a real pinch, a human can keep dosing themselves with echinacea tincture, even every 15 minutes if things are looking serious. (I’ve never heard of any side effects, not even through my classes with SWSBM.) So the squirrel is getting a drop or two in his feedings, and when things have looked their most dire, I gave him a drop or two every 15 minutes in some water.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of comments and email from you guys, offering your support and ideas, and I sure do appreciate it!  Now here’s to hoping he keeps on healing through the weekend!

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  1. We still haven’t heard from the rescue people, and I’m not sure where else to try. I’m happy to hear, Peggy, that you were able to successfully release your squirrels! I got an email from another reader who raised one to maturity and now he lives in the trees around their house. Still visits!
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  2. An owl got to my mom-in-laws poodle one night when she let it out to do it’s potty business. Yet, the poodle started barking and struggeling and my mom-in-law stepped outside to see what was going on in time to see the owl not be able to hold onto the squirming poodle anymore. It had puncture wounds too, and had to be treated by the vet for infection.
    You know it’s fur turned whitish gray about an inch and a half in circumference around each of the puncture wounds the owl inflicted. Now my inlaws don’t let their little dogs out unless they are out in the yard with them.
    My little min pin won’t go outside at night unless I go out with him because a hawk tried to get him one night about a year ago. The hawk didn’t succeed because our Big Belgium Malinois dog went after it before I could get out the back door to try to get it to leave our little dog alone. We don’t see the hawk around too much during the day, but he has been a few times. When he comes around he just sits in our tree watching the shed to see if a rabbit will come out from underneath it.

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  4. Diane, I found this link that might be useful to you on caring for the squirrel until you can figure out what to do. It’s says St. Francis Wildlife Association and I think they must specialize in orphaned squirrels. The first part is when the squirrel is a newborn so just scroll down past that and there seems to be lots of good info- Hope it helps –

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