About Our Product Reviews

Our product reviews are NOT paid advertisements – they are reviews only.  DkMommy Spot reviews only those products that meet our standards, and we do it for free in the hopes that we can share safe, natural, and/or excellent products with our audience.  If a product contains any harmful chemicals that is known to us here at dkMommy Spot, the product is not reviewed.  If a product fails to work for us or doesn’t do for us what it says it will, it won’t be reviewed either.  (We have the reject shelf in the basement to prove it.)  While we know we’re not the last and final say on any product, we do try very hard to represent the product honestly and with great integrity.

If you have a company that makes or sells a product that is natural, chemical-free, educational, or which seems to fit the standards you see here on our site, please contact Diane at themommyspot(at)gmail(dot)com.  In order to participate in a review, we ask for a sample of your product which will not be returned.  We test, wear, wash, try out, use, eat, and in general run your product through our dkMommy Spot ringer.  If all goes well and it fits our standards, we’ll write a review discussing our experiences with it.

If you’d like to include a giveaway with your review, we can end our review by offering the readers a chance to win their own.  Giveaways are open for entry for one week, after which time we’ll send you the winner’s address so you can feel good about knowing exactly where your product is going, and that it indeed is being delivered to a real live winner (although we feel all our readers are certainly winners).

Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to decide not to review any item. (As was the case in the exploding container of salt scrub, the sticky deodorant, and the oh-so-smelly face cream.  Marischino-Lavender-Rose scented? Really?)  Products not reviewed cannot be returned to you because 1.) We probably used some first and 2.) We have a tiny budget and can’t afford shipping.  If your unreviewed item is rather costly and you really, really want it back, then we ask you to kindly pay for shipping.  We’ll gladly return it then.

Since we do hundreds of reviews around here, blogger-in-charge Diane Kidman may not be the one to review the item and write about it.  If you were really excited about her using her talented yet humble writing skills to prepare your review, you may request she does it herself.  Otherwise she may just ask one of her brilliant helpers to do the review.

DkMommy Spot promises to treat your product respectfully and with honesty.  All reviews are original writings based on real experiences by actual human beings, many of them being rather dashing in appearance.

And while we’re being humble, here are a few quotes from satisfied companies:

Here’s what companies are saying about working with dkMommy Spot through reviews, giveaways, and advertising:

Your giveaway writeups never cease to amaze me! You’re always very thorough and really get your readers excited about the products you introduce them to.  Thanks so much for posting this and I’m glad we could work together again!” Gaiam 

“Thank you SO much for running this contest! The amount of comments was incredible. :)  I passed on your blog / this contest to my superiors here at POM, and they are all very thrilled with the results.”  POM Wonderful

“We have had a huge amount of support from your members…”  Izzy Lane

“Last June we ran an organic loungewear giveaway with you on your blog, and we believe it was a great success! We are interested in doing another giveaway with you– ”  Maggie’s Organics

“Thank you so much for the wonderful, professional reviews.” Harris Shepard Public Relations

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful article. I really enjoy the format that you have, it can really help us find out what people like most – almost like a focus group.”  Henley Von Roastingburg

“You definitely have a very effective use of grammar and descriptions. It even got me running to our espresso machine for another shot. ”  Strictly Organic Coffee