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I am a work-at-home mom who is fascinated with herbs, natural remedies, and healthy cooking.  When my son was born, I started wondering “How will I raise him chemical-free?  What’s the healthiest way to feed him? How will I care for his baby ills naturally?”  I started researching and devouring all the information I could find.  It occurred to me that if I had all these questions, there must be other mothers out there just like me, looking for answers.  That’s when I started blogging and sharing all I’ve learned.  It’s amazing how many of us there actually are, and I love having a way we can all meet.If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please share them with me through the Comments section on this blog, or email me at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com.   

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  2. I’m doing your no poo challange and I love it now I’m looking into home made soap. Is lye soap bad?

  3. Diane,

    I purchased your book on Amazon and I was curious about your Cherry Cough Syrup…. Do you strain the cherries out or leave them in?

    Thanks for your book, lots of really great info.

  4. Hi! I just downloaded your book to my Kindle and it has completely turned me on to herbal remedies! I was wondering, for those of us who don’t have the space/ability/etc to grow our own plants, is there someplace online you would recommend buying them from? (There is only one health foods store nearby, and it is woefully overpriced). Thank you so much!

  5. I just bought your e-book Herbs Gone Wild. I love it. It is one of the most helpful and informative books I’ve ever read on the subject. The recipes are great.

  6. I just down loaded both of your ‘Herbs Gone Wild..’ books. I love both of them and can’t wait to tell my three daughters about them!
    I have been searching for a couple of years now for a natural way to remove ‘skin tags’. The little knots of skin that older woman sometimes get on their neck. My mother suffers from skin cancer on her nose and parts of her back. Her Doctor told her the only way to get rid of them was to burn them off and that would leave scars. Well my mother has suffered enough with Arizona Doctors not really caring about how a 78 year old woman may feel about her appearance. Please help me. I know their has to be an oil or lotion that can help diminish these little tags. Any ideas would help. Thanks!

  7. Hair Gone Wild!: Recipes & Remedies for Natural Tresses

    You wont need to brag about how well this works, people will comment on how great your hair looks and what do you use. Don’t be surprised when they don’t believe you and call you nuts. I was doing it for a week and the first few days there were small differences. I went to bed with my hair wet and woke up brushed (1st time with no tangles) and it looked nice. It was still a little frizzy but it felt different. By the 2nd wash I was ready to give up. My hair felt crunchy and gross. I read the book again to see if I did something wrong. Nope I just need to wait till my hair “stops acting out”. Nothing new I have had bad hair days 5 times a week for the last 12 yrs. By the 3rd wash my hair was “WOW!” I actually washed my hair, then combed it, again no tangles and went out for the day. By the time it dried my husband was telling me my hair wasn’t was fizzy like normal after a shower. I grabbed a brush and combed it out. My hair was smooth and nice.

    I got to get 2 other women to start at this time, but after the 1st week they gave up and went back to hair products. To this day they wear their hair up in a BAD HAIR DAY pony tail. LOL Make sure you get your hair cut before you start because no matter what you tell the hairdresser they will forget and put some kinda of product in before you have time to stop them. Oh and yes you hear will revolt. I had tangles and could hear my hair braking as I brushed it. After it was dry I looked like I put my head in a light socket. I didn’t make that mistake again. Actually I haven’t needed a hair cut since that 2nd week. Its been 2 and a half months now and my hair is soft and friz free. When I curl it, it stays curled over 24 hrs. I couldn’t keep a curl till the end of the night before. My ends are not split and my hair lays nice. My mom got me a perm when I was 13 and my hair was dry, wavy and thick, until now. My hair is manageable and shiny. The ends are not dry and brittle anymore. I even have new stuff growing at a faster rate then ever before. I was tell my great grandmother about it and she said back in the depression days they used hand soap and vinegar. It worked great and it was cheap.

    Okay enough about me. I use it on my 5 yr old also. Everyday was a battle to get the knots out, most days I just let her go looking like she slept under a rock. lol. but now every morning for at lease 3-4 days I brush it and maybe 1 or 2 tiny knots but that’s it. She is soooo happy. My husband was bragging about my hair at his work and a woman came up to him, she was African/Caucasian, and said she did that also, it was over 5 yrs since she used any products. Her hair went to her mid back and had soft, bouncy, full curls. She had what she called “Wig Hair”. It was so nice I asked to touch it.

    Some of the recipes don’t work well with me (blonde – camomile) because my hair now has a natural grease. I had thought for the last 10 yrs I had dry hair and used products to help (nothing did) but after one month with this treatment I can say my hair is not dry and its very thick, but fine straight hair. I actually love my hair. You will need to do some trial and error to get the perfect combo for your “NEW” hair type. I will never go back to Shampoo again.

    Oh one last great item… Since you are using baking soda and vinegar, no need to travel with all your old products. When you get to your destination, just stop at a store and get your items. They will be under $5, so you can toss them out before you come back home. More room for the new clothes you bought on your trip. :)

    I will for sure want to get the other books.

  8. Hi, Diane,

    I purchased your “Herbs Gone Wild” and loved it. It is jam packed with great information. I then purchased “Hair Gone Wild” and have gone no poo. My hair is now curlier than it’s ever been, softer, and better looking than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for your wonderful insight and generosity! It’s just wonderful.


  9. What do you use to make your baby food? I was about to purchase the baby bullet, but saw that it has a possibility of high lead content. I’ve been searching for safe, non bpa others, but can’t seem to find any. I love your site & thanks for you’re help!

  10. I’ve read your books and made the no-poo switch 5 months ago and I’m in love! I have one question… my hair is a bit limp and could use some more body… are there any natural products that you recommend? I tried henna and it took away my curls temporarily. Also, I’m interested in how you died your hair with black walnut hulls… I wasn’t able find the info on your website. Thanks for all that you do and inspiring many of us to take care or ourselves naturally :)

  11. Hi Kayla. So glad you like the book! The walnut hull instructions are in Hair Gone Wild. It’s a simple procedure that involves making a very strong tea, then repeatedly pouring that mixture over your hair. As for adding more body, perhaps try using a little less vinegar? I find that has a tendency to weigh the hair down. Rosemary tea rinse would be a great way to fix that, too. Adds curl, shine, body, and does darken over time. Smells great too!

  12. Hi, nice lady person. I got lost for a while. Lately due to my body trying to reject me. Earlier because someone hacked my email address making me have to change my email address and try to make sure I corrected it everywhere. Your site was on of the ones I missed.

    My hair is long now and I am growing it for Locks of Love. Generally, as I get it trimmed often, I’ve been told it is healthy. When I was forced to watch commercials (not at home, in medical institutions…this is #6), I saw the Wen ads and suddenly remembered your posting about “No Poo”. I hate to admit it but my round to it broke and I never started it. But the Wen ads sounded so much like what you were advocating that I rechecked your postings. I have stared your postings in my blog. While talking with my PT and OT as we worked on strengthening my body, I found out they are both Wen girls. One recently had a baby and is trying to save money as much as she can. The other is only a tech so she needs to find the quality at a better price. Both are excited about finding a better way to save pennies. So are talking about reading what you and I have posted and then trying it out. As I cannot get into showers or tubs currently, and want to keep things simple for the nurses aids, I have ordered the trial offering at Wen. I think, hope, it will last until I am back home, at which time, I will switch to the No ‘Poo method as a retiree, I have a fixed income and have to save pennies. I will keep people posted on my blog. When I throughly committed to No ‘Poo, I’ll post of my conversion.
    Sandy Vaughan´s last blog post ..Making the No ‘Poo Resolution

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