Acuball System Review – Natural Back Pain Relief for Real!

The best product I’ve reviewed – ever???

I have reviewed literally hundreds of products here at dkM, and there have been some fantastic products that I’ve had the opportunity to test.  Occasionally, though, something gets bumped into the “lifechanging” category.  Sometimes something comes along that I don’t ever want to do without again.  That’s where today’s product lands, and it may surprise you.  Why?  Because I’m talking about a little blue plastic ball.  But this isn’t a toy we’re talking about here; the wonder is in the design and its ability to naturally eliminate back pain – indeed heal your back.  I’m talking about the Acuball System, sold on Gaiam.

You may know by now that back pain is something I’ve lived with since childhood.  It’s not fun, especially when you don’t know how to correct it.  For the last couple of years, I’ve been seeing a great chiropractor and he’s taught me much about what areas of my back need the most attention.  Frustration of frustrations, things have never stayed aligned for me, and although I could easily benefit from one or two sessions a week, I settle for one visit about every month or two these days.  The Acuball, about the size of a baseball, hardly seemed like my back’s redeemer at first blush, but its curious Spine Align Belt and the thought that maybe just maybe it would do something great, was enough to get me to try it.

The idea behind the Acuball is almost too simple:  For aligning the back, for instance, one lies down on the floor and adjusts the ball beneath their spine, with the spinal column lined up in the Spine Align Belt.  After finding what feels like the right spot, deep relaxing breaths are taken for at least 15 seconds, preferably more.  Then move to any other troubled areas, working your way down the back, legs, hips – wherever needed.  Hard as it may seem to believe, after one single try on my lower back area, my pain was gone.  I felt much like I do after a visit to my chiropractor.  This was about a month ago, and as long as I use the Acuball daily (I use mine 2 – 3 times or more because it helps so much), I have no back pain.  I don’t even wake up in pain anymore.  My neck is a similar situation, and although this area requires more attention, the problem is under control now.  For the first time ever, the adjustments my chiropractor makes are staying in place.

Along with the Acuball comes an instructional DVD, a very helpful book called “Feel It? Heal It!” and a smaller Acuball Mini, another indispensable tool with which I use daily to get all those weird little kinks out of my back.  The book has advice on pain control and about the benefits of breathing exercises which I’ve found extremely helpful.  Both the book and the DVD walk you through the how-to’s so you make the most of your Acuball and Acuball Mini.

The set costs $60 which may seem a little steep for what many might initially view as nothing more than a couple of plastic balls, but after a week of using the system, I began wondering what would happen if I lost mine.  After all, I received my set for free for the purposes of testing and reviewing it.  Would I really have paid to own it?  I knew without hesitation that if I lost my Acuball, I’d be on the Gaiam website ordering a replacement without hesitation.  (And I gotta tell you, when this thought entered my mind I was inaccurately thinking the system cost $169!  Yes, I would have paid that too.)

I’ll still go to my chiropractor for appointments, albeit less often.  And I still do my stretching exercises, sleep on a supportive mattress and pillow, and use a special office chair.  But I’m doing much better – far better than I thought possible for me – now that I can heal myself with a little time and my Acuball.

(Disclaimer:  This has been an accurate account of my own personal experience with the Acuball System.  I can in no way predict what your experiences will be; it’s always good to consult a professional, and if you choose to use the Accuball, let your doctor or chiropractor know about it.  They’d probably love to find out about it!)

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