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Interested in advertising on dkMommy Spot? If your company is all natural and chemical free, I’d love to have you here! I believe strongly in supporting companies with healthy, eco-conscious products, so my rates are reasonable.

Not only are the rates reasonable, for every month you advertise, dkMommy Spot donates to! Check out who we’ve helped so far on our Charitable Donations page.

Here’s what companies are saying about working with dkMommy Spot through reviews, giveaways, and advertising:

“Your giveaway writeups never cease to amaze me! You’re always very thorough and really get your readers excited about the products you introduce them to. Thanks so much for posting this and I’m glad we could work together again!” Gaiam

“Thank you SO much for running this contest! The amount of comments was incredible. 🙂 I passed on your blog / this contest to my superiors here at POM, and they are all very thrilled with the results.” POM Wonderful

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“Last June we ran an organic loungewear giveaway with you on your blog, and we believe it was a great success! We are interested in doing another giveaway with you– ” Maggie’s Organics

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