7 thoughts on “Ai, Chihuahua! I’m Underpaid! How Much is a Stay-at-Home Mother Worth?

  1. Yep stay at home moms are something. Nah! think about all the cleaning you would have to do! :-) Then again if you received that income you could afford to have someone do the cleaning. 😉

  2. And look, the gardener can’t even cut the grass in a straight line!! How much do you think he is paid? Better stay with a small house and lot where the neighbors don’t care how you cut the grass.

  3. I saw that article too.. and what’s w/ our paltry – though imaginary – 3% raise!? ha ha

  4. Badly cut lawn . . . 80 bucks

    Ugly statues . . . 10 thousand

    Drafty mansion . . . A cool Mil

    Full time Momma . . . Priceless

  5. Haha! Funny, Tracy! Yes, my mansion is drafty too, darnit. I really need a raise. And if you guys would quit picking on my mowing skills – that’s a really big yard I got there. I think I’ll just buy some goats since I’m apparently paid so well. I always wanted mowing goats.

  6. BWWAAAHHHHH HA HA! I laughed out loud when I got to the “mowing goats”. Hey, does your baby know how funny you are?

  7. I could not agree more. As stay at home mothers we get looked down upon like is there nothing better that you could do with your time? I think there is no one better to raise your children then you, I am a collage graduate and could go out and get a good job, I would love to get a masters degree, however I do think that raising my little girl is the most important thing that I could do. So yes I do make over 100,000 but not with money but in love and doing things right.

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