All A-Bubble for Sodastream

I admit it – I was skeptical. As often happens, I was asked to review an item that I wasn’t very sure about. After all, it meant I might have to give up some precious countertop space, and we don’t even drink soda. But we do love our sparkling waters, and I was getting tired of recycling the mounds of glass bottles, not to mention the expense and all that carting of water back and forth – water that was often from embarrassingly far and away places. When I found out Sodastream had a unit with glass bottles instead of plastic, and that it consumed no electricity, and that the water was from my own sink, I said, “Okay, you’re on.”

I’ve been testing Sodastream’s Penguin unit, and my first impression was that it was cool and darned cute, simultaneously. The glass carafes are beautiful and sturdy, and the caps are well-built engineering wonders that cap the bottles securely. As soon as I placed the Penguin on my countertop, I knew I wouldn’t have issues with losing space – the unit is more vertical than horizontal, and it actually requires very little space. And since it doesn’t plug in (hallelujah!) I don’t have to worry about where another cord will have to go.

Making the soda water is so simple and requires so little time, that I actually enjoy doing it. And the end result? Water with just the amount of fizz we like. (You can use less or more fizz, according to your personal preference.) Of course since we’re using our own filtered water it tastes great, and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying adding a squeeze of lemon or lime, or adding some of the water to juices for our own sparkling beverages. Sodastream makes a line of flavors, and I tried the Apple Mango from their Sparkling Naturals line. Lots of flavor, made with juice, no artificial colors or flavors. If you enjoy flavored sodas, then this is a good alternative to that high fructose stuff at the supermarket. But for me, surprisingly, I’m more apt to grab the bottle and chug the plain water.

Which leads me to the best part of all: My family is drinking much more water than we did before! Sodastream definitely gets that tiny bit of counter space, no problem. I’m happy to have our Penguin at the ready. And since I can get those carbonators refilled at several locations within a few miles of my house, I have a feeling we found one of those kitchen accessories that become immediately indispensable!

Healthy, no plastic, economical, easy to use. And so cute.

The Penguin stays.

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