And Now for Something Musical…

I thought we’d take a little intermission today.  Call me a sap, but being the mom of a little boy changed something in me.  I grew up a girl.  A girly-girl.  I didn’t understand little boys way back then and I confess I still don’t; but now I look at them with absolute wonder and amazement.  I’m fascinated with my son and with how different he is from my memories of pink frills and dollies.  He yells “hiyah” while practicing Kung Fu on his teddy bear.  He likes loud motors and dirt.  Nothing is a bigger thrill than seeing a frog or (ugh) handing Mommy a large dead bug.  

I saw this video today and wanted to share it with all you moms of boys.  If you have girls, you’ll certainly love it too.  It’s so nostalgic it will make you yearn for childhood once again.  That’s okay.  We get a second chance through our own sons and daughters.

2 thoughts on “And Now for Something Musical…

  1. Hi,

    This is a bit off topic from your post but I just wanted to congratulate you on hitting 1000 readers! That’s amazing. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Wonderful video! As the mother of two boys grandmother of three boys….nothing is more wonderful! Thanks for the memories!

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