Aromatherapy Vinegar Recipe for Natural Stress Relief

relaxingSummer isn’t all fun and games.  There are plenty of days when the heat overtakes us, or if it doesn’t, the kids’ complaints of boredom bounce off our eardrums until a headache prevails.  There are so many wonderful ways to find natural stress relief, but nothing beats a little aromatherapy.  You can make your own stress reliever right at home with a vinegar base.

1/2 cup alcohol (the more pure you can get your hands on, the better.  Might even try vodka as opposed to rubbing alcohol.  But no matter how stressed you are, don’t drink your aromatherapy!)

1 drop lavender, rosemary, peppermint, juniper, and cinnamon, lemon, and clove oils

Mix this together with 1/2 cup white vinegar (Also use the best you can get ahold of.  I actually prefer Heinz because there are no petroleums used in its production)

Add 1 cup distilled water and put it all in a jar with a nice tight lid.  As with most herbal concoctions, you need to make this up ahead of time.  Let this one sit for at least a week and give it a shake every so often to keep it properly blended.  I like to keep my mixtures in brown or blue bottles to keep light out.  They are often found in health food stores.

Once your Aromatherapy Vinegar solution is ready, it can be used as a rub on your forehead and temples to soothe away those stress-induced headaches.  It may not make bored children disappear, but oh, the relaxation!  Always keep remedies like this on hand so you have natural stress relief whenever it’s needed, because a mom can never be too prepared!

7 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Vinegar Recipe for Natural Stress Relief

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