Artistic Easter Gift Ideas – Some Even Handmade by Me! Introducing Pueblo & Company

Easter is barreling down upon us like a mad rabbit on wheels, so if you haven’t found just the right Easter gifts yet, how about trying something artistic at my new IMG_0672shop, Pueblo & Company? You can shop there online at Square Market and find some truly unique handmade items. It’s a small, intimate shop (that means it’s not quite loaded up yet – but it will be full to the rafters before you know it). At Pueblo & Company you’ll find lots of artsy things including my very own handmade beaded eggs. See that photo to the right? That’s one of my works, and I’ve set each glass seed bead onto a real egg by hand, one at a time, in an original design. No two eggs are alike. Perfect as an Easter decoration, for a bird lover, or for a collector of the unusual. And they’re lovely as a year-round decoration. It takes many hours to bead one single egg! (If you’re wondering if I’ll bead you an ostrich egg, well, the jury’s still out on that.)

IMG_0688You’ll also find handmade Southwestern art objects and jewelry, all created by renowned artists. The earrings and the animal fetishes are handmade by well known Hopi and Zuni artists of New Mexico and Arizona (their hallmarks are stamped into the backs of the earrings). If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, I’ll give you the inside track: You can email me at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll see if one of the artists has just what it is you’d like. We can even get it to you in time for Easter! The earrings are available in every conceivable price range and design, and the fetishes are as numerous as Noah’s ark. (Note: The apple coral bear fetish has been SOLD, but if you like him, don’t despair. Just send me an email and we’ll gladly find you the right piece!)

Keep your eyes peeled! More to come, including peyote stitch amulet bags, handmade sterling silver pendants and earrings, and peyote stitch bracelets. I’m more than excited about our shop, and I do hope you’ll swing by and enjoy the grand opening of Pueblo & Company!


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