Babies and Television: Should They Watch?

I received this article today on babies and young children watching TV, and I wanted to pass it along. We’re steering our son clear of the television until two years of age. This kind of article encourages me to keep going with that plan.

2 thoughts on “Babies and Television: Should They Watch?

  1. LOL
    Thats great!
    I haven’t survived though . . . we don’t watch television, but we get a good dose of videos.
    Well, I think he will be better for it, that’s for sure. I am amazed at what our kids have picked up even from the “filtered’ videos.

  2. 3 hours a day! Wow, like when. Let’s look at a day in the life of my 9 yr. old:
    Off to school at 7:45
    Out of school at 3:00
    Errands with Mom – home at 4:00
    Homework ’til 5:00
    T.V. from 5:00 – 6:00
    Supper at 6:00
    Baths, etc. at 6:45
    Stories at 7:30
    Hit the hay at 8:00

    Seeing as how this is a pretty typical childhood day, when in the heck do kids watch 3 hours of tv?!!

    We do, at times, let our kids watch T.V. I will be the first to tell you that it is strictly for our convenience. There’s no way I could be convinced it is needed to increase their brain power. 500 studies otherwise could not convince me.

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