Back to School with Jade’s ToyBox!

It’s about that time for most of us.  The kids are all set with new school clothes, they know who their teachers will be for the fall, and they’re not entirely happy that their sprinkler-running days are nearing an end.  Well, one thing might make the new school season a little more exciting: Jade’s ToyBox.  In Germany, there is a tradition going back 200 years, and I think it’s a great one.  (A tip of the hat to my German ancestors there!)  The Jade’s ToyBox Green Schultüte is a present given to German children before they go back to school.  Parents fill a cone with all kinds of educational goodies: Pencils, books, and learning tools, fresh and ready.  Jade’s ToyBox has an interesting approach in that all their items are eco-friendly.  The crayons are soy-based.  The wooden items are made of sustainable wood.  Nothing is “Made in China”.  Parents even have a choice as to what language and/or heritage they’d like reflected in their Schultüte if they choose the Foreign Language set!  You can choose from things such as African American, Native American, German, French, Hebrew and more.  (The Foreign Language Schultüte even includes multicultural skin tone crayons!  I love that.) Or go with a theme like the dinosaur one pictured to the left.

So if you’re looking for a little extra somethin’-somethin’ for the kids this school year to maybe ease the pain of the end of summer, you might start a new back-to-school tradition with a Schultüte from Jade’s ToyBox.  For a special dkMommy Spot discount, enter this Coupon Code: SCHOOL at checkout.  You’ll get 15% off the ORIGINAL Schultüte, or 10% off the LARGE Schultüte while supplies last.

4 thoughts on “Back to School with Jade’s ToyBox!

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  2. Wow…this brought back fond memories! I got one of these on my very first day of school. What a great tradition. My grandmother, by the way, is from Germany. These are just great…I loved it!

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