Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Here is Laura Mount’s recipe for the Gimme Recipes! Contest running through July 31st:

Ripe bananas (w/ brown spots)

Break or cut up into smallish pieces and freeze. Place in food processor, process until the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Be prepared, your processor may jump around a bit. Hang in there it will get to the consistency of soft serve. You might need to scrape it down some or break up big chunks.


Options to add: Raw cocao powder (or just cocoa powder if that’s what you’ve got), other fruits (frozen or fresh, but be careful if they are real juicy freeze them first or it will water down your ice cream), vanilla (extract or bean seeds), any other extract. Top w/ your favorite sundae topping.

I haven’t tried it yet, but you can start by blending just the banana w/ some vanilla (do you like my EXACT measurements?), spoon some out into a spring form pan and put in the freezer, then add strawberries to your mix, spoon some on top of the vanilla and return to freezer, add chocolate then spoon that on top of the strawberry and return to freezer for a few hours. Viola, dairy free neopolitan ice cream cake. 

That’s all I’ve got right now must go to bed!

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