Being Quoted in a Magazine – One of Life’s Little Pleasures

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If you happen to subscribe to (or come anywhere near a copy of) Hobby Farm Home Magazine, check out the July/August issue for the article “Saving Summer’s Best” by Lindsay Evans.  All about food dehydrating, this article is loaded with good information – and a few quotes by yours truly.  I don’t know what it is about getting quoted that lands me in blog writer’s paradise, but I can’t seem to help myself.  Not surprisingly, I land in the portion of the article that talks about dehydrating herbs, a topic that actually got me giddy enough to do a dehydrating podcast several months back.

So if you happen to find yourself in a bookstore with no idea what to pick up first, you might just mosey over to the magazine rack and look up one particular article that quotes one particular blog writer.  You may even decide to give dehydrating a whirl.  Now, that would really make my day!

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