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I love fizzy, fragrant things to drop in the tub.  Whenever I go into a store that sells bath paraphernalia, I always have to smell everything, wondering how it would work.  But I also always flip the item over and read the ingredients.  That’s about the point where I toss the item back on the rack, disgusted.  Who wants to sit in a chemical bath of harmful ingredients?  Toxic stew, anyone?  Not me.

Best Bath Store carries those fun bath bombs that look so much like candy that you want to try them all.  Drop them into the tub and watch them fizz and foam; then get in with no worries of becoming a chemical test site, because these babies are all natural.  Every single one of the twelve “flavors” not only lists all the ingredients on the site, but allows you to click on each one to check out exactly why it’s been added.  I wish more sites had this feature, but I can tell you most wouldn’t want to admit out front that they add things like parabens or sulfates.  

One more fun feature – when you buy a bath bomb, you can request up to five samples of their other products!  Sounds like a lot of good reasons to escape to the bath soon!

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