Boppy Pillow Cover Lead Hazard???

I just got a CSPC Recall list of 10 items, all lead exposure risks.  The one that really jumped out at me was a recall on slip covers for the Boppy pillow. Since so many of my readers are advocates of breastfeeding (good for you!), there’s a good chance you use or have used Boppy pillows, as I did.  The one in question is the plain pillow with a separate slip cover.  To check it out, read the CSPC’s page on the Boppy recall.And here’s the rest of the list. For more details, visit the CSPC recall page.1. Metal Jewelry Sold by Family Dollar Stores Recalled Due to Risk ofLead Exposure to Children2. Discount School Supply Recalls Paint Brushes Due to Violation of LeadPaint Standard3. Pure Allure Recalls Metal Jewelry Sold at Michaels Stores Due to Riskof Lead Exposure to Children4. La Femme NY Inc. Recalls Children’s Necklace and Earring Sets Due toRisk of Lead Exposure5. Children’s Metal Jewelry Recalled by Colossal Jewelry & AccessoriesDue to Risk of Lead Exposure6. Cherrydale Fundraising Recalls Bracelets Due to Risk of Lead Exposure7. Children’s Metal Jewelry Recalled by Buy-Rite Due to Risk of LeadExposure8. Children’s Pencil Pouches Recalled by Raymond Geddes & Co. Due toViolation of Lead Paint Standard9. Slipcovers Used With Boppy Pillows Recalled Due to Choking Hazard andRisk of Lead Exposure10. Flashing Pacifiers Recalled By Sailing (U.S.) International Corp.Due to Choking Hazard

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  1. That’s it!

    I am tossing all of the kids toys except fot the unpainted wooden blocks and a maybe pair of tweezers.

    No more yucky chemicals. Just splinters for them!

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