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Pain Relief is Easy with this Infrared Gem
Pain Relief is Easy with this Infrared Gem

Most of us don’t want to spend our lives on various prescription medications for pain relief.  The cost, both to the bank account and to our health, can be pretty heavy.  For most of my life I’ve had back pain, so it’s no wonder this is an area where I spend a lot of time looking into alternative therapies.  I see a chiropractor regularly, but in between visits I often have pain that needs dealing with, and I’m not one to reach for a bottle of pills.  Lately I’ve been testing Brookstone’s Pain Relief Wand to see how it deals with my back issues.

The Pain Relief Wand works with infrared light that penetrates deeper than a heating pad, helping to ease pain and swelling.  The usage is simple:  Plug it in, turn it on, and hold it over the affected area until you’ve obtained relief.  I was particularly interested in trying this on my lower back, the real problem area for me.  At first I wasn’t sure how long to use it, as the instructions state that different people require different amounts of time, but I found that if I moved the wand slowly around my entire lower back for about 15 to 20 minutes, the pain would go.  Some days require more and others less, but I have noticed that after using the wand, I have better mobility with little to no pain.  Since my lower back is often stiff and sore in the morning, even waking me up in the wee hours, I began using the wand right before bed.  I stopped being awakened in the night with the discomfort, and I noticed a great reduction in morning pain and an increase in my mobility.

I also tried the Pain Relief Wand on my middle back, another trigger spot for me.  While my problems in this area are less, they are still a bother after sitting at a computer all day long!  Again, the wand worked very well here, although I do wish the handle was a little longer.  That middle of the back area is always tough to reach, especially when you’re stiff, but I did manage to reach the area by propping it between me and the couch, or by handing the wand to someone else and saying, “Here, hold this a minute.”  Since the result was always a relieved back, it has been worth the effort. 

Overall the product is more effective than I’d imagined, and I’m very happy with the results.  I use it almost every day and on the days I don’t, I can certainly tell.  It beats popping pain meds that don’t always work anyway, and I find the warmth and relief it provides the aching muscles to be more safe and soothing than any prescription and its side effects.

Got your own pain you’d like relief from?  Brookstone is generously giving away one Pain Relief Wand ($199.95 retail) to a dkM reader! 

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    .-= Jenn H´s last blog ..Nothing Good Lasts =-.

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