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Life is stressful.  And so we’re told to pick up hobbies to relieve the tension, to give us something to look forward to, to divert the mind. So perhaps you think you’ll pick up a little painting, but hey, you’re no Picasso and might not even know if you have even a smidgen of artistic talent. Is it even worth it to invest in all that paper and paint when all you really want to do is just dabble away a little quiet time? Maybe what you need is a Buddha Board!

My family has been testing a Buddha Board, and it’s been a lot of fun to play with.  This totally reusable board is perfect for contemplative doodles and Chinese calligraphy practice. The board fits into a base that makes it easel-like, and as you “paint” with water (kept in the base – clever design), your artistic endeavors appear upon the board.  As the board dries your work disappears, leaving you with a clean slate. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes or wasting art materials. It really is relaxing. The paintbrush is a Chinese calligraphy style made of bamboo, and it makes lovely flowing markings on the board. Hence, my husband, my son and I have all been taking turns being mesmerized by the board.

My son has especially enjoyed working with the Buddha Board. He’s almost four and hasn’t had too much experience with painting, so for him it’s been fun to play with. He swirls designs on the board, watches it disappear, and starts again. And I don’t have to buy paper for him by the truckload! I’m happy and trees everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.

Want to win your own Buddha Board? I have an extra one right here to give away! ($32.95 retail)

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Feel free to do all five to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Monday, May 24, 2010, to enter.

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  1. My father worked in china for about a year and a half after the end of World War II. As a result, I grew up in a househod with numerous chiense artifacts. Included in these was a beautiful set of camel hair writing brushes and decorated ink blocks. I recall using these when the local Educational Channel (before PBS) had a series on Chinese calligraphy.

    The Buddha Board natuarlly reminded me of this. I love the fact that this is reusable. What a great idea!

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