Calming Bath Time

One of the ways moms have depended upon to help their baby get a good night’s sleep is the evening bath. The warm water is relaxing, and there’s nothing like putting a clean baby into clean jammies to really get him cozy!

I’ve learned a little trick recently to add to the comforting experience. We’ve talked before about adding a little essential oil to the bath, but how about making the whole tub one big cup of tea? All that needs to be done is to get a little bag with drawstrings or one of those socks whose partner has long gone to wherever those other socks go. Add a small amount of herbs such as chamomile, lavender, or lemon balm and tie off the bag or sock. After the warm bath is drawn, swirl the sock or bag around in the bath. You can leave it right in the bathwater, unless your little darling thinks it’s a snack.

The herbs not only offer a calming scent to the water, they actually soak into the skin giving baby a gentle dose of relaxation. And you don’t have to buy one of those expensive bottles of chemical-laden bath potions either! This is the real deal at a tiny fraction of the cost. (Try and buy herbs bulk as opposed to already in tea bags. You’ll be amazed at how much you save. Grow your own and save even more!)

Afterwards, save the spent herbs as compost for your garden, or you can dump them into some houseplants as compost there too. Now, isn’t everyone feeling happy and well-rested?

10 thoughts on “Calming Bath Time

  1. I do this for myself also. Use a knee high nylon for the infusion. It ties on the faucet easily. Be sure to stay away from anything that contains oils as it can make the bathtub slippery.

  2. I have a thirteen year old who has just discovered the joy of a nice long bath. My lavender is full bloom and I’m going to suggest this to her. Too bad I never take the time for a good soak!

  3. Is that your child??? He is beautiful! You should frame that picture and display it in your bathroom. What a little prince. Thanks for the advice. I am going to try it. Also thanks for reading my blog. Read ya soon!

  4. Hi, sahmqueen! The picture isn’t of my boy – I get these pics from free photo websites. One of these days I’ll need to post a photo of him. I think my son is quite a looker. But then I am partial!

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