Can Your Television Dust Hurt You?

Wait, wait! Don’t dust your television! Or should you? The news is all abuzz today about the dust found on our television sets. The claim: T.V. dust contains harmful chemical fire retardants that they’ve also found floating around in the average American’s body. Over time, this chemical is known to cause cancer in lab rats. But what I find more disturbing than the television link is that this chemical has also been placed in our mattresses. We don’t sleep on our television sets, or at least most of us do not. I suppose that makes a less interesting news story, as many of us prefer watching American Idol over thinking about mattress safety.

More importantly to me is the link many countries have found between this fire retardant in mattresses and SIDS. I did a post on this quite sometime ago, and if you’ve got crib-sized people in your home, you might want to read about SIDS and fire retardants. There are some great links there and some fabulous solutions.

As for television dust, I have my very own solution. I read books. Because even if a book is old and dusty, nothing’s better for getting rid of mental cobwebs.

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