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Green Thai Curry with Zucchini Spaghetti

Ingredients for 2 servings For the curry 400 g zucchini – with a spiral cutter in spaghetti form bring Peel and halve 130 g of carrots and cut diagonally into 3 mm thick slices 125 g baby corn – cut in half lengthwise 100 g Shiitake – slice Liquid ingredients and spices 400 ml of coconut milk 200 ml vegetable broth …


Thyme and Onion Bread Recipe

Ingredients for 1 small bread (about 350 g) For the onion bread 175 g wholemeal spelled flour Peel ½ onion and cut into thin cubes 1 tbsp organic margarine + a little to grease the baking pan Liquid ingredients and spices 75 ml of lukewarm water 75 ml of soy drink 7 g dry yeast …