Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! Green for a Green Blog

All this oldies music searching for my new blog Totally 80’s Music is getting to me!  (Yes, that’s a 70’s reference, but a great one.)  You’ll notice dkMommy Spot is looking a little green today.  That’s because I’ve found I’m not the only one who was missing that calming shade of green-ness on my site.  I kept looking at my new template, which I love, but something was lacking.

Many of you left comments here and emailed me saying how you liked the new look, “but gee, I sure liked that green!” Me too.  It may not be back in perfection yet, as I struggle to understand style sheets and code, but I’ll get it sorted out sooner or later.  In the meantime, sit back and let the cool green knock back that blood pressure.

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