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If you’ve ever looked into Chinese medicine, or perhaps flipped through any TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) books, you have probably been struck by the complexity of this healing art.  While it’s true that professional practitioners take years of study, and in fact make it a lifelong learning commitment, it’s good to note that TCM is even practiced by the average lay people in the most remote of mountain Chinese villages.  The book Chinese Home Remedies: Harnessing Ancient Wisdom For Self-healing is the perfect place to look for the most useful of such home remedies.

Chinese practitioner Lihua Wang learned countless remedies from her grandmother and from people of such remote mountain villages.  They told her how they solved life’s ailments and issues with simple cures, many of which were passed down throughout the generations.  Chinese Home Remedies compiles Lihua Wang’s discoveries.  She used what she learned from the mountain villagers in the Beijing hospital where she practiced, and later in the U.S. where she now resides.

The book is a great reference and makes it easy to grab and flip to an ailment or issue.  Provided are several suggestions which include Chinese herb use, Chinese massage techniques, food therapy, and simple folk remedies.

As you can well imagine, I have a great many books and reference materials.  Because of the large quantity I own, some are organized on not-so-accessible bookshelves in out of the way locations.  Others are on shelves in the midst of our living area, at the ready for whenever I need easy access.  Chinese Home Remedies has already claimed its spot in the “grab it in a hurry” area.  Its usefulness was immediately apparent, and I’ve already found numerous suggestions I intend on using, some of which I already have and with success.

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