Cleaning Your Wood Floors Naturally

884426_window_light.jpgYou know I like tea. Herbal teas are fantastic for what ails you or just as a comfort. Green tea is a great antioxidant and disease preventative. But what if I told you not to drink your tea? Today my tea advice to you is: Dump it on the floor! That’s right – a safe and natural way to clean your wood floors is with regular black tea. Tannic acid does wonders for wood. Again, this is a cheap, safe, and natural solution that allows you to rid your cupboards of one or two more cleanser bottles.

Here’s what you do: Just boil a quart of water and steep one or two tea bags until the water cools to room temperature. Take out the tea bags and use a soft cloth to dip in the tea. Wring out the cloth well, then wipe down the floors. Replace the cloth once it gets dirty.

Not only will your floors be nice and clean, you’ll also be gently covering some of those little imperfections and Hot Wheels scratches. Now when your two-year-old decides to lick the floor (simply for experimental purposes, mind you), you won’t have to worry about the dirt – or the chemicals.

13 thoughts on “Cleaning Your Wood Floors Naturally

  1. I love this idea I’m a green tea fanatic and would be a bit reticent to dump it on the floor but black tea would work for me

    Thanks for sharing !

  2. Recently I’ve been using a vinegar/water mix to wash my wood floor, since that seems to work for everything else (my little one started crawling last month). It would have NEVER crossed my mind to use tea…but, I’ll give it a whirl. I’ve even got some green tea that is very good getting stale in the cupboard.

  3. You can try 1/3 of vinegar and the rest water and that will work just as good as any cleaner.
    Stick to 1/3 or less of vinegar for wood floors and you will save a ton of money on chemical products.

  4. I use black tea and also add a bag of mint tea for washing my sealed hardwood floors..makes for a nice scent.

  5. I love this idea! I spilled some rubbing alcohol on my wood floor and it’s left some marks. How can I remove these? None of my cleaners work.

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