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I always keep my eye out for natural art supplies for my son.  Clementine Art has given me my first look at natural crayons.  When I first read about them, my interest was certainly peaked, but to be frank, I couldn’t imagine them working that well.  I envisioned something equivalent to those restaurant crayons that, no matter how much you press, all you get is a waxy smudge of weak color.  But because the crayons were all natural, I was still drawn to them.  (Is it too early in the article for a bad pun?)  I’m so glad I was wrong; these aren’t your average crayons!

Clementine Art’s colors are bold and bright, and the crayons give smooth and even color.  The whole family got into coloring with these, and we had a blast scribbling and trying to out-create one another.  The crayons have an easy-to-hold shape, no wasteful outside papers, and did I mention they’re vivid?  Maybe it’s because they get their shades from Mayan mineral pigments.  If that’s the case, the Mayan kids had some darned good art supplies.

Other products made by Clementine Art include natural markers, natural modeling dough, natural paint, even glue!  Maybe someday we’ll spring for the markers, but with a son who thinks any flat surface (including white burbur) is in fact his own personal canvas, I think we’ll hold off on those awhile.  I hope that Clementine Art comes out with a big box of crayons someday, perhaps a box of 64 to rival those other guys.  Better yet, a box of 65.  They have room for a more natural shade of green.

Want to win your own set of Natural Soy Crayons from Clementine Art?  One lucky dkMommy Spot reader will win!

Can’t Wait?  You can purchase Clementine Art products at any Whole Foods Market!

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