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When it comes to nightwear, seldom can the words “sexy” and “comfortable” be used in the same sentence.  But if you shop for your pj’s at ComfyNights, you may just begin to speak differently of your nightwear.  ComfyNights sells women’s pajamas and nightgowns made of bamboo fabric.  If you’ve never felt bamboo fabric, you’re missing out on one of the most interesting clothing materials in the eco-friendly market.  This naturally anti-microbial, moisture wicking material is perfect for sleepwear.  I’ve been trying a Capri Pajama Set made by Bamboo Nights, and true to form the bamboo material is a silky, luxurious fabric that moves and stretches with me, no matter how I’m sleeping.  The fabric is unbelievably comfortable, and I just love the fit.  It’s like dressing up for bed, yet it feels more comfortable than my favorite oversized tee and pajama pants!  I actually look forward to getting in my jammies in the evening.

If you’re pregnant, just had a baby, or are going through “the change”, then you’re probably dealing with the night sweats.  (I prefer to call them power surges.) Nothing can make a woman feel more uncomfortable and just plain yuck in the middle of the night than waking up damp and clammy.  Bamboo fabric pulls that moisture away and keeps you dry.  And for pregnant women, this Capri Pajama Set is very stretchy, even the elastic waist band.  I wish I would have had pajamas like this during my pregnancy.  I never felt comfortable in what I wore to bed, but these stretch a lot and find their shape again extremely well.  

Now I just want to be comfortable, even in the heat of summer; with this ComfyNights Pajama Set, I know I will be.  These pajamas just have to be seen in person – the natural bamboo drapes the body like the most expensive of fabrics.  

Want to win your own pair?  I have one pink Capri Pajama Set ($65 retail) in size small to give to one of you!

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  1. I love the Peyton pajama set.I only wear pjs,and despise gowns.To me the
    pajama’s are more comfortable.After a long day it is the cure for me to
    relax and chill.I like that these pajama’s don’t make you sweat.Thanks for
    the giveaway

  2. Where do i order the bamboo capri set that is illustrated? What is the cost? How long after order is placed could it be shipped to Blaine Washington?

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