Contest Rules

Each contest post ends with rules specific to that giveaway.

Every giveaway involves leaving a comment on that specific blog post as your initial entry.  To do so, scroll down to the bottom of the post and click the Comments tab. If indicated in the rules at the bottom of the post, visit the reviewed company’s site and leave a comment regarding what you liked or learned there.  You may leave one comment a day, as long as the giveaway is open, letting me know other items you liked or other things you learned while visiting the reviewed company’s site.

If you subscribe by email, you must visit the site for entry.  Comments sent to the email address will not be counted.

For most giveaways, one extra entry can be had by being a subscriber to dkMommy Spot.  In order for the entry to count, you must be subscribed via email.  While subscribers to Google Reader, etc. are greatly appreciated, I am unable to verify subscriptions through these means; therefore only email subscribers will be able to gain an extra entry.  If you subscribe via email, you must leave a separate comment on the giveaway post letting me know you subscribe.  If you are chosen as winner through this entry, I will verify your email subscription.

Bloggers may gain one extra entry by blogging about the giveaway and linking directly to that post.  After publishing your post, you must leave a comment on the giveaway post telling me you blogged about it, along with a link to your post.

You may gain one extra entry by Twittering a link to the giveaway.  After Twittering the link, leave me a comment on the giveaway post letting me know you did so, and letting me know your Twitter name.  Following me (dkmommy) on Twitter is appreciated but not necessary for gaining this extra entry.

Unless otherwise indicated, all giveaways are open to entry from U.S. and Canadian readers.  Occasionally a giveaway will be limited to US only, or will be open for worldwide entry.

Unless otherwise indicated, giveaways are open for entry for one week.  Winners are chosen randomly by using  Winners are then contacted via email and are asked to respond within 3 days to claim their prize.  If after 3 days the winner does not respond, a new winner will be selected.  This winner will not be chosen randomly, but will be selected based on the content of their comment.

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