Bamboo Fabric Nightgown Giveaway

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PhotobucketThis is a most luxurious and unique giveaway – a Bamboo Nights nightgown from ComfyNights.  I’ve never tried bamboo fabric before, but after sleeping in this Bamboo Nights 48″ Spaghetti Strap Long Gown for several nights, I’m convinced that bamboo fabric is an excellent natural fabric.  No matter the length of the gown, it’s still cool and comfortable.  

Bamboo fabric has a wonderful feel, sort of like cotton, but in this case it has a quality weightiness to it.  This gown is made of 96% bamboo and 4% Spandex, which works well for sleepwear since it gives when you move around in it.  I’ve put it through the wash, and it came out looking as good as it did going in, and it seems to be a very durable fabric.  Overall, bamboo is rather impressive and comfortable as a fabric.  I would definitely buy bamboo clothing in the future, and Comfy Nights has a great line of sleepwear that I feel good about recommending.  Their bamboo is grown without pesticides or fertilizers; and did you know bamboo fabric is naturally anti-microbial?  One last plus: If you’re a hot-flashin’ mama, bamboo wicks away moisture.  Oh, what a gift for a new mommy who has to deal with the night sweats! 

ComfyNights is giving away one medium pink Spaghetti Strap Gown (same style as the above picture) to one lucky dkMommy Spot reader.  It’s a $75 retail value and easily one of my favorite styles on their site.  But they’ve got many others to check out, so let’s get you entered, shall we?

4 Ways to Enter

1.) Just visit the ComfyNights site and take a look around.  Then come back here and tell me what you liked or learned there.  Remember, leave an interesting comment.  If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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3.) Blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this post.  Come back and leave me a Comment with a link to your blog post.

4.) It is NOT required to enter, but if you purchase something from ComfyNights, come back and let me know.  I will throw your name in the hat again.

Feel free to do all four, and you have four entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Saturday, August 30, 2008, to enter.

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281 thoughts on “Bamboo Fabric Nightgown Giveaway

  1. In the interest of being both green and comfortable, I would be thrilled to win this bamboo nightgown. I also love the Serena robe…it sounds so comfortable. The more I read about the many positives and incredibly varied uses of bamboo , the more impressed I become. And the more I wonder, where/why has it been hiding for so long?

  2. Bamboo clothes who’d a thunk it and they keep us dry and cool. Did you see the pillow case comes with it’s own ice pack? This is a great store for all us grannies who (hot) flash.

  3. First of all, I have the flu right now, and these clothes sound so comfortable. I am interested in the long sleeve henley p.j. set, although they don’t have a picture up yet.

  4. I had heard of bamboo knitting yarns, but haven’t had a chance to try them yet. It’s great to have another natural fiber choice available.

    There are several styles of short sleeve nightgowns on their site I think I’d really like wearing.

    Just say no to fabrics that don’t breathe!

  5. The 42 inch long, short sleeve waltz gown is beautiful and seems to have very appealing properties (ie. hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and produced without chemicals)! I have to agree with a comment posted earlier in that the comfynights did not really provide much information about the bamboo products. I would like to know more about where and what methods are used to grow and process the bamboo such that it makes lovely fabric and supports the poor economies. What makes the bamboo naturally anti-microbial?

  6. The cooling pillow case actually has an ice pack that can be put in the refrigerator or freezer – what a neat idea!

  7. Bamboo fabric is so interesting. I love cotton slips and nightgowns so this might be even better for the cold weather ahead since it is heavier.

  8. the capri pj set looks so comfy! i love that this is made with bamboo. i can’t imagine how soft it must be.

  9. This is so beautiful! I’d love to win this for my daughter who even in the winter, is always too warm when she is sleeping. She loves organic materials, and this would be perfect for her!

  10. I was sad that I couldn’t see any of thier robes. The pictures would just not show up for me. (I’m using IE 6)

  11. My favorite item on the site is the Kelly Anne Capri Pajama Set in Aqua. Very pretty and looks very comfortable. Thanks for this chance!

  12. I’ve been looking at bamboo fabric for a bit and have gotten samples from a manufacturer of sheets and towels. I did NOT know clothing was made from bamboo! What a GREEN idea! And, to learn that bamboo fabric absorbs sweat and is naturally antimicrobial makes it such a wonderful fabric for underwear especially!


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