Cut Healthcare Costs – Go Natural!

Not much worse than a trip to the doctor’s office.  If you weren’t that sick going in, there’s a good chance this time of year you’ll be sitting next to someone contagious who really is!  After paying for the office visit (copay is HOW much?) you’re sent to the pharmacy for a pricey prescription.  The good news is, whether it’s a medication to be taken long-term or just an antibiotic, there are countless natural remedies that have been relied on for thousands of years.  Most of these come at just a fraction of the cost of a pharmaceutical.

Building up your personal medicine cabinet is a great way to avoid having to go to the doctor in the first place.  Things like Echinacea tincture, dried chamomile, and peppermint oil can all be had rather cheaply for treating anything from colds and flu to upset stomachs and migraines.  In place of antibiotics, try a good acidophilus.  While a powerful acidophilus may cost as much as the copay of an antibiotic, the results are phenomenal and long lasting.  

I’m not suggesting you should never go to a doctor.  There are times we just can’t diagnose ourselves, and that’s okay.  Just make sure you have a doctor you can trust, someone who understands your desire to steer clear of the prescription pad.  Osteopaths have a great reputation for their knowledge of alternative medicines and nutrition.  In the meantime, try picking up a book like Prescription for Herbal Healingby Phyllis A. Balch, CRC.  It will give you some practical and easy-to-follow guidance in using herbs for what ails you.

With a little research and a few herbal items in your cupboards, you can avoid costly doctor’s visits, not to mention the downtime and discomfort of an illness.  After the money is saved, it’ll make you look at medicinal plants and herbs with a whole new appreciation!

2 thoughts on “Cut Healthcare Costs – Go Natural!

  1. Hi Nicole,

    You’re right, they are! I’m learning first-hand and will actually be doing a giveaway soon for an indoor “greenhouse” where you can start your own herb plants. So far it’s been pretty easy, and yes, it’s really inexpensive to do it yourself right from the start. I also get herbs from the wild when I can, which is free (as long as you’re not picking stuff that is illegal to harvest in your state). I got a really nice bunch of St. John’s wort and some wild peppermint too. Free, and I’ve been able to use both to help my family.

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