Day 12 of My Personal No ‘Poo Challenge

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It is true.  I do have a natural mane.
It is true. I do have a natural mane.

By now you’re all wondering, “Did she cave?  Did she finally crack open a bottle of shampoo, dump it all on her head, and lather away?”  Well, not entirely.  Even though my hair has been fairing much better than I ever would have expected without shampoo, it’s not without its little challenges.  Not using shampoo may sound quite disturbing to some, but I think we can all agree the concept sounds simple – just don’t use shampoo.  But there are many ways around the shampoo issue as I’ve learned.  Some no-poo people prefer to scrub at their scalps with baking soda, rinse vigorously, then apply conditioner.  I haven’t tried this, but from what I’ve read you can have quite a head of tangles with this method.  I already suffer from that and have my whole life, so adding to the problem didn’t appeal to me.  Besides, not using shampoo has allowed me to have the most tangle-free hair of my life.  I don’t even need a comb after washing my hair – I literally run my fingers through my very thick hair to “comb” it.  This has been the best part of being a no-pooer.  Finally, snarl-free hair!  

Other no-poos use the tea rinses, which I thought worked pretty well.  The rosemary tea, for instance, adds shine and is pretty good at cleaning.  But a few days ago I didn’t have time to make the tea and let it sit for long enough.  So I grabbed a little bottle of rosemary essential oil.

I’ve used rosemary essential oil in my hair in the past, just a few drops rubbed in the palm of my hand and worked into damp hair to restore shine, support a healthy scalp, etc. so I figured this would probably work pretty well.  And it did!  I had great shine, my hair smelled wonderful, and my hair and scalp felt clean and fresh.  Alas, the next day I decided to shampoo anyway.  Sort of.  Using the most natural shampoo I own, I did wash it.  But since I’m no longer used to conditioning, I forgot that little step and had to really work on all the tangled mess I’d forgotten my hair can be.  Yesterday and today found me a no-poo chick once again, and with the aid of my rosemary oil, I’m rather enjoying my radical new me.

I still don’t know if this is a permanent change for me or not.  I think it calls for some more experimenting in what works best for my hair type.  I may just shampoo occasionally with my favorite natural stuff, or I might awaken one day to feel totally hippie-rebellious, pulling all my shampoos and conditioners into the shower with me to enjoy a suds fest.  Either way I’ll keep you posted.  So far it’s certainly been one of the more interesting experiments this blog has found me in!

5 thoughts on “Day 12 of My Personal No ‘Poo Challenge

  1. You keep at it!! I have been a no-poo person for about 4 YEARS now – although, I will admit that I have used a non-sulfate cleaner twice in that time. I have used a mixture of baking soda and warm water if there is too much build up, but NO don’t scrub, because, you are right, a-tangled you will be. Just pour it over your head and comb through with a wide tooth comb. You can also use a few drops of lavender oil mixed with EVOO when you want to deep condition. I have thick, curly hair and since I went poo-free, my curls have been so much softer and prettier, my husband loves to touch them – and I live in the hot, humid center of Florida. Even the humidity has been GOOD for my curls since I’ve stopped using the poo. You CAN do it….

    Bill Shewbridges last blog post..New Website I Learned About

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you are working it out just fine and your hair is liking it 😉 I use a chamomile rinse on my kids hair during most of the summer because they love the scent. I grow lots of chamomile in the garden and there is nothing to compare to tea made with your own herbs. Do you think this new natural hair will lead you to grow more of your own herbs to try in your hair? I can never grow my rosemary big enough to make tea out of it, just a few barbecue rubs before it fades. I tried to keep the plant in the house over the winter but it faded out, never to sprout a green sprig again. Best of good energy with your challenge, you never know where it will lead you 😀

  3. I too have been using a plethera of different things to scrub my scalp with every now and then, including vinager and then there is lemon juice to cut out heavy oils that sometimes occur plus it seems to get rid of the “pollution” yellow tinge that my natural hair color will get. You see on other people where they have a gold tinge on their ends. The ends are much more poreous and absorbs all that pollution.
    My one and favorite thing is to refrigerate my favorite teas and then rinse with the super cold tinctures. I have the thick, loose curls and the cold water keeps the hair cuticle nice and tight and more shiney when it drys. If I use the warm or hot water, phfffft, out comes the frizz. The tighter the cuticle the less pollutants and moisture it absorbs. I never thought to do it all the time. Well, why not? I am going for it. I doubt it will be noticable except for the fact that it will look, smell and be able to control a lot better! Thanks for the ideas.
    Lori, your hair is the same cut, curls and color down to the streak in the front! How freaky!

  4. Thanks for the no poo info. I don’t have thick hair, but rather baby fine hair, and very straight. I have in the past used a cider vinegar rinse after shampooing, or a chamomile tea rinse and liked the chamomile tea rinse very well. I think if the baking soda doesn’t dry out the hair I should give it a try and I will. Hope it works on my type of hair.
    Thanks again.

  5. please if you give it up, so not waste it in a suds fest. give it to someone who is still a user to prevent some from having to be manufactured and used. and that much down the drain will just be filtered out and treated by whatever process treats you water. pass it on instead of washing it down. same for other chemicals you are giving up.

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