Day 2 of the No ‘Poo Recap

Day 2 of my “last week of 2009 vacation” is also Day 2 of my “No ‘Poo” recap.  Here we have the second post I did on living a no ‘poo lifestyle, written back in June.  Oh, and if you’re wondering I’m still very happily a no ‘poo girl!

Day 12 of My Personal No ‘Poo Challenge

It is true.  I do have a natural mane.
It is true. I do have a natural mane.

By now you’re all wondering, “Did she cave?  Did she finally crack open a bottle of shampoo, dump it all on her head, and lather away?”  Well, not entirely.  Even though my hair has been fairing much better than I ever would have expected without shampoo, it’s not without its little challenges.  Not using shampoo may sound quite disturbing to some, but I think we can all agree the concept sounds simple – just don’t use shampoo.  But there are many ways around the shampoo issue as I’ve learned.  Some no-poo people prefer to scrub at their scalps with baking soda, rinse vigorously, then apply conditioner.  I haven’t tried this, but from what I’ve read you can have quite a head of tangles with this method.  I already suffer from that and have my whole life, so adding to the problem didn’t appeal to me.  Besides, not using shampoo has allowed me to have the most tangle-free hair of my life.  I don’t even need a comb after washing my hair – I literally run my fingers through my very thick hair to “comb” it.  This has been the best part of being a no-pooer.  Finally, snarl-free hair!  

Other no-poos use the tea rinses, which I thought worked pretty well.  The rosemary tea, for instance, adds shine and is pretty good at cleaning.  But a few days ago I didn’t have time to make the tea and let it sit for long enough.  So I grabbed a little bottle of rosemary essential oil.

I’ve used rosemary essential oil in my hair in the past, just a few drops rubbed in the palm of my hand and worked into damp hair to restore shine, support a healthy scalp, etc. so I figured this would probably work pretty well.  And it did!  I had great shine, my hair smelled wonderful, and my hair and scalp felt clean and fresh.  Alas, the next day I decided to shampoo anyway.  Sort of.  Using the most natural shampoo I own, I did wash it.  But since I’m no longer used to conditioning, I forgot that little step and had to really work on all the tangled mess I’d forgotten my hair can be.  Yesterday and today found me a no-poo chick once again, and with the aid of my rosemary oil, I’m rather enjoying my radical new me.

I still don’t know if this is a permanent change for me or not.  I think it calls for some more experimenting in what works best for my hair type.  I may just shampoo occasionally with my favorite natural stuff, or I might awaken one day to feel totally hippie-rebellious, pulling all my shampoos and conditioners into the shower with me to enjoy a suds fest.  Either way I’ll keep you posted.  So far it’s certainly been one of the more interesting experiments this blog has found me in!