Day 3 of Diane’s No ‘Poo Saga

Yes, enjoying myself on my vacation time!  Hopefully you’re having a great week as well.  Today we look back at my third no ‘poo challenge update, which originally ran in the last week of June 2009.  I know you all want before and after pictures, and I promise to have that for you soon – but in the meantime, here’s what happened after I went no ‘poo for three weeks:

To ‘Poo or Not to ‘Poo – My No ‘Poo Challenge Update

She didn't use shampoo either....
She didn’t use shampoo either…

It is week three, and I’m still going strong with my personal no ‘poo challenge. I’ve had a wonderful response from you all, through comments and email, encouraging me and telling me your no ‘poo stories.  It’s been a real eye opener finding out there are many of you who don’t ‘poo, and that you love it.  Some of you have been doing it for years!  But what am I thinking in week three?

I’d say if anything, I’m getting more enthusiastic.  My naturally curly hair (which in the past was more like intensely unruly waves) is actually more curly and easy to manage.  I certainly wouldn’t have imagined curlier hair to be more manageable!  But there you have it. I’ve even stopped blowdrying, so my overall “get ready” time is much, much shorter.  With thick hair, I’ve always spent way too much time blowdrying and styling. Speaking of styling, my hair doesn’t require conditioner, mousse, gel, or even hairspray.  I used to use mousse for special occasions to try and tame my hair, then I’d have to load up on hairspray so my hair didn’t move as freely as I wanted.  I love the freedom of not weighing down my hair with stuff, and the fact that even though it moves around and shifts as the day goes, it still looks good if I just scrunch my hair a little with damp hands.

I’m still tinkering with how I like to do things.  For instance, I use rosemary oil on my wet hair and rub it into my scalp after I’m done scrubbing with water.  And I’ve discovered cold water (at least at the end of the shower) really makes a difference in shine and seems to make my hair feel and look smoother too.  I’ll want to tell you more about the rosemary oil later because I’m discovering a lot of great benefits with that, so perhaps the next post I’ll fill you in on what I’m experiencing.  

Let me end with what is perhaps the coolest part of my no ‘poo testimony:  This weekend my husband kept looking at me and laughing.  “What?” I asked, “Is my hair going bad finally?”  It was extra curly that day, and I’m still a little hair paranoid at times.  “No,” he said, “I really like it.  It’s just that women pay really good money to walk out of a salon looking like that.”  Huh.  And I don’t even do my hair anymore.

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