Dinosaur Alphabet by Harry S. Robins

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A is for Apple, B is for Ball… wait a minute!  How about A is for Allosaurus, B is for Baryonyx?  Oh, that’s much better.  Especially if you’re a 4-year-old dinosaur lover.  Dinosaur Alphabet by Harry S. Robins is one fun-filled look at the alphabet and those prehistoric creatures kids of all ages find fascinating.  Combined with wonderfully detailed and colorful illustrations by the author, this book offers much for the imagination.  Parents and children alike will enjoy going through this one several times over, finding more and more to discover and discuss while pondering the hand-illustrated images.  As children get older, they’ll still find Dinosaur Alphabet to be a keeper – 20 pages of notes are included in the back, which offer more in-depth dino info for the growing interest of grade school kids.

We found the originality of this book to be a nice departure from the usual alphabet books.  The imagery is stunning and gives young children something to look at and enjoy by themselves, and the rhyming text makes reading aloud pleasant.  And since children get to listen to their parents sound out large words like “Yangchuanosaurus” (tell the truth, that just stumped you), they’ll learn that everyone – even Mommy and Daddy – have to sound out words every now and then, and that it’s not nearly as scary as a Rhoetosaurus’ clubbed tail.  In the end, everyone has fun and everyone learns!

Dinosaur Alphabet is published by Frog, Ltd., an imprint of North Atlantic Books.

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