dkMommy Spot has been hit with the Pharma Hack – Please Stand By

dkMommy Spot has been hit with the Pharma Hack – Please Stand By

(NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS: I’ve ceased writing new posts until the hack is cleaned up – I want to make sure all our email subscribers can avoid the spammy stuff; so feel free to stay subscribed!  Once we’re back on track, then I’ll update again.)

I’m sorry to let you all know I’ve been hacked, and we’re working very hard to restore the site.  You may not even notice what’s happened if you’re visiting the site directly.  But if you received this post through email, you might be seeing a blog post title that says I’m selling pharmaceuticals instead.  DON’T CLICK IT or you’ll end up on a spam site and not dkMommy Spot.  I haven’t changed my position on prescription drugs and I am NOT selling pharmaceuticals!

So what happened exactly?  I’m no computer guru, but I want to share some info here in case any of you experience this at some point.  I checked with my friends at Third Tribe, and someone there led me to an article about the Pharma Hack by Chris Pearson that is proving very helpful.  If your site’s blog titles and/or links are being replaced with pharmaceutical ad links when your updates go out through Feedburner, or when your links are added to your Fan Page on FB, you probably have the hack.  Also, if you Google yourself and find that your blog post titles are replaced with pharma ads, you’ve got it.  When I Google my own site right now, or any of my articles, it looks like this:

And this…

Apparently this hack sneaks in through your plugins.  Hackers use the plugins you already have to add their little extra insidious codes.  I’ve had a lot of plugins requiring updates of late, and I suspect that’s when I may have been hit.  Chris shares screen shots of what you’ll find when cleaning everything out, and what he found is slightly different from what I found.

So please be patient and know that I have NOT changed my viewpoints, and I’m not hawking those dangerous pharmaceuticals that get plugged like they’re candy.

And again, if you have this issue you can try Googling Pharma Hack or read Chris Pearson’s article “How to Diagnose and Remove the WordPress Pharma Hack“.  So far that’s what’s helping me walk through the process of getting my site back on track.

5 thoughts on “dkMommy Spot has been hit with the Pharma Hack – Please Stand By

  1. Aww – how horrible for you! Glad you found the hack so fast and it’s fixable, even though a lot of work

  2. Thought it awfully strange yesterday when I got an email from you. Took me a couple of seconds to figure it out. Today I just deleted it. Good luck getting it all gone. I googled you right before coming here and it’s still there.

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