dkMommy Spot is 3 Years Old!

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PartydkMommyOwl-MI knew dkM’s 3-year anniversary would be sometime toward the end of October, so imagine my surprise when I checked this morning and discovered it is indeed today!  (I must admit the original first post was probably a couple of days before October 26th, but if memory serves me correctly, it was embarrassingly horrid and was thankfully deleted at some point.)  So what is the oldest post in the archives?  “Homemade Baby Food: Trick or Treat?”  I gag at the title only slightly in retrospect.

My son is almost 3 1/2, and the blog started a few months after he was born.  A mere three years ago, my local grocer carried not one single organic item.  I couldn’t find anything chemical free, but I knew I didn’t want to use the standard baby products on my son.  I had a hunch that the long lists of ingredients in all that baby shampoo, wipes, creams, and powders couldn’t be good, but trying to find alternatives was a hair-pulling experience.  As I tested, tried, dumped and started over again, I began to think that perhaps I wasn’t the only parent out there having such difficulties paving a chemical-free way into this world for my child.  

Thank God that hunch was right!  I’ve met so many of you through this micro online community, and I’ve been very grateful for all your tips and suggestions.  We’ve chatted through email and instant messaged, discussing everything from natural health alternatives to the best educational toys.  In fact, this blog now has nearly 76,000 comments, 1,700 email subscribers, 796 blog posts, over 200 FB followers, and over 1,400 Twitter followers!  

So far it’s been more fun than I’d ever hoped, and I have no intentions of stopping now.  So I’d like to thank you all for making the blogging experience unbelievably pleasant and rewarding.  I brag about you guys all the time, really I do; if I could fit a group photo of you all in my recycled bike tire wallet, I’d be showing it off every chance I got.

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