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The Birds Finally Took the FB Plunge... How Long We Waited
The Birds Finally Took the FB Plunge... How Long We Waited

Birds do it, bees do it, but for some reason dkMommy Spot was resistant.  Alas, I now have a proper Facebook presence!  I’ve had a personal page for awhile, something that sits there neglected and lonely, but I’ve paced around it and mostly ignored it, hoping I wouldn’t suddenly hop in and get so hooked that mommy responsibilities, a full-time telecommuting job, herb school and blog articles went somewhere to the distant side.  But I feel pretty good about the fan page.  With this I’ll be able to share stuff with you in a slightly different format.  I’ll be letting you in on giveaways and articles as they post, and I’ve started a plant photo section to help you identify herbs and medicinal plants that may be growing in your neighborhood!  Only a few images so far, but that should build up rather quickly.  This should also be another fun way to connect with you all, one of the most rewarding parts of the whole blogging experience.  

Photos, inside scoops, extra remedies and herbal info; what could be more? Well, I’m doing a little something special to kick it off.  Become a fan by clicking the “Become a Fan” button on the top right of my new dkMommy Spot Facebook page, and you may be chosen to receive a free 2-oz. bag of my special homegrown dried winter savory! It’s been an abundant crop this year, and I’d love to share.  We use savory all year on grilled meats and vegetables, pot roasts and stews.  I’ll be randomly selecting a winner next Monday August 24, 2009.  The winner will be announced on the new Facebook page by noon ET (08/24/09)!  Feel free to write on my wall too.  I’d very much like to hear from you!

I hope to see you all at my Facebook page!  I’m really looking forward to making the page a fun, new facet of dkMommy Spot!

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